9 Best Indian Destination Choices for Solo Travellers

India is a beautiful country with innumerable opportunities for travel. No wonder the mystical land of diversity has always been immensely successful in attracting travellers (solo and group) from all over the world. Going solo can be awesome fun. Here are 9 wonderful Indian destinations that you can visit alone and make some wonderful memories later in life:

1. Leh Srinagar Highway


This is one of the best and most interesting places for solo travellers to visit. A paradise for adventurous mountain-biking, Leh-Srinagar highway is the most prominent tourist destination of India. The place is bordered by picturesque landscapes promising a thrilling and mesmerising experience to riders. An ideal escapade for backpackers, Leh and Srinagar highway is your own paradise to explore.

2. Rishikesh


If it is about the best of river rafting, it has to be in Rishikesh. The land dear to popular band Beatles, Rishikesh makes for a perfect getaway for solo travelers who love to indulge in adventure activities such as river rafting, trekking, cliff diving, kayaking, bungee jumping, rock climbing, etc. A haven for meditation, relaxing yoga, and rejuvenating Ayurvedic Spa, the land of white water river rafting is definitely a must visit for all solo travellers.

3. Khajuraho


A perfect place for history buffs, the Khajuraho temple is listed as one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India. It allows you to get connected with the rich Indian history and culture instantly. Beautifully reflecting the plush culture of Chandella rule through exquisite sculptures, solo travellers can learn a lot here. Celebrated worldwide for its architectural splendor, Khajuraho is a live example of unprecedented creative achievements of the past. Inner peace and relaxation comes naturally as you set your feet here once.

4. Goa


Wanna go solo? Go Goa! This is the place you should be. Pack your bag and head straight to the land of beaches. Right from a good soak in the hot sun to diving into the sea, dancing to groovy numbers in the disco, enjoying at casinos, and relishing delectable cuisines, there is a lot for solo travellers to enjoy. For adventure lovers, Goa offers numerous exciting beach activities including snorkeling, surfing, scuba diving, jet-skiing, water-skiing, and windsurfing. Private beaches are the best places for solo travellers to explore and indulge in deep sea fishing and other activities.

5. Mumbai


Are you a fashion lover? Do you love Bollywood? Is shopping your favourite hobby? Head straight to the “City that never sleeps”. This is one city in India that has big entertainment and surprises for its visitors. Mumbai is home to big fashion houses, nightclubs, Bollywood, best of theatres, shopping hubs, pilgrimage spots, fabulous beaches, food joints, heritage sites, entertainment parks, and much more. With its close proximity to picturesque hill stations, you would never regret going solo. Once here, explore the best of cafes, restaurants, elite shopping centers, beaches, and art galleries. Driving by bungalows of present and yesteryear superstars is an exciting experience in itself.

6. Alleppey


Solo travelers would simply love to rest in the beautiful land of Alleppey. The place is home to divinity and eternal beauty in the form of pristine backwaters, picturesque canals, breathtaking beaches, and beautiful lagoons. Also deemed as one of the most romantic sites of the country with many thousands of honeymoon couples hitting the place on a yearly basis. However, this doesn’t mean solo travellers have nothing to get here. The place is more than a paradise for solo travelers. Once here, you would be welcomed by mind blowing backwater cruise sessions in the Kettuvallam (houseboat), beautiful dance shows, a wide range of music festivals, delectable cuisines, and wonderful resorts offering divine range of Spa and Ayurvedic treatments. Going solo in Alleppey is definitely awesome fun.

7. Kutch


Travelling to Gujarat may not be the most desirable things on the list of an ardent traveller. However, this doesn’t mean it has nothing great to offer. Kutch in the state of Gujarat is home to abundant wildlife, rustic beauty, sites of historical significance, and pilgrimage spots. Bordered beautifully by seawater, Kutch makes for a wonderful destination for all solo travelers. This is the place that ensures excellent opportunities for camping, experience the fervour of popular “Rann Utsav”, and know about local culture Kutch dwellers. Once here, you can witness the glory and aura of ancient temples, magnanimous architectural palaces, and forts.

8. Udaipur


Although a romantic city, Udaipur city has a lot to offer to its traveler, especially those who wish to go solo. The city is known widely for a huge number of exquisite sights and breathtaking views of royal grandeur of Indian past including the magnanimous Hawelis, grand forts, plush palaces, & intricately carved temples. There is a lot to do in Udaipur for solo travellers including a relaxation session by the popular lake, enjoying cool and serene nights, and exploring the rich heritage of the city. See Udaipur tour packages here.

9. Darjeeling


Also referred to as the “Queen of the Hills,” Darjeeling has retained the reputation of a picturesque city bordered by a breathtaking rolling hills belonging to the great Eastern Himalayas. The city is also home to a decent number of pristine lakes, lush tea gardens, and the desirable Kanchenjunga peak range. The city of Darjeeling is reckoned widely for producing the most famous tea across the globe. If you are looking for some of the most famous and beautiful resorts around the nation, you will find it here in Darjeeling. It is a paradise for solo travelers. All you need is a backpack, a camera, and walk through the well maintained roads of the majestic hill station. The pleasure of capturing spectacular sights of Darjeeling can be overwhelming. Don’t forget to capture the unprecedented beauty of sunrise and sunset of this quaint town.

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