11 Rocking Places in India to Celebrate Christmas

Are you planning to celebrate Christmas while on a vacation at a picturesque destination this year? Here are some rocking choices for you to head to :

1. Puducherry


Why Puducherry? Well, the French influence in the city is a reason good enough. The Roman Catholic population in the Union Territory make sure everything around is bright illuminated and filled with enthusiasm.

2. Goan Christmas

Goan Christmas

If it is about enjoying the real fervour of Christmas, it has to be in the land of beaches, Goa. The picturesque land echoes the fervour and zeal associated with the festival. Owing to the Roman Catholic population and ancient Portuguese legacy, the beautiful place has always been considered as the paragon for ideal Christmas celebration. A perfect haven for party animals all over the nation, advent of Christmas is commemorated with great zeal. Each corner of the state is embellished with poinsettia flowers. Illuminated all around and mesmerising masses carols at midnight, and special Christmas feasts served at beach restaurants and shack and live bands playing, Goa is definitely the place to be.

3. Christmas in the Tinsel Town – Mumbai

Christmas in the Tinsel Town – Mumbai

When planning a trip to Mumbai in December, make sure you are there for the famous Christmas celebrations. With the bakeries selling the best desserts and malls decked up exquisitely, Mumbai is simply the best place to celebrate Christmas. The real fervour is seen in Bandra’s western suburb owing to its Catholic population. With a huge number of famous churches in the city, you can easily attend a lively midnight mass. Check out the special Christmas parties organized almost everywhere around the city.

4. Christmas in The City of Joy – Kolkata

Christmas in The City of Joy - Kolkata

The City of Joy gets more enthusiastic, brighter, and happier during Christmas. Right from delectable cuisines to carols at the Churches, festive spirit at the Park Street, various light and sound exhibitions, illuminated streets, rock music, and people enjoying all around makes the ambiance joyful!

5. Daman and Diu

Daman and Diu

The significant Portuguese connection in the Union Territory in India has made it a wonderful place to celebrate Christmas. A huge number of cultural shows are conducted here including Corridinho, the popular Portuguese dance form. Attending midnight mass at Saint Paul’s Church and Church of Our Lady of Rosary can be a wonderful experience.

6. Christmas in God’s Own Country, Kerala

Christmas in God's Own Country Kerala

With a huge number of churches, Kerala is definitely one of the best places to celebrate Christmas. Restaurants and malls offer special discounts. The fervour and beauty near the serene beaches is worth witnessing.

7. Dadra Nagar and Haveli

Dadra Nagar and Haveli

Christmas is celebrated with great enthusiasm in this union territory of India. Churches are decked up beautifully. If you wish to spend quality with your loved ones on Christmas this year, head straight to this amazing place.

8. Christmas in Shillong

Christmas in Shillong

Come to Shillong! A fairyland Christmas celebration is waiting for you. With good number of Christians residing in the picturesque valley, Christmas is celebrated with great enthusiasm. At restaurants, you can get the taste of traditional cuisine and visit churches to enjoy programs organized by local bands playing the mesmerising gospel music.

9. The Capital City of India – Delhi

The Capital City of India - Delhi

Well, this is certainly a wonderful place to celebrate the festival of Christmas. As known to all, it is a beautiful vivacious city that gets colourfully decked up weeks many days ahead of the event. Right from the shopping malls to the famous markets, Christian localities, clubs, discos, lounges, and even shops are soaked in glimmering lights. A Santa Claus and Christmas tree is a staple for every shop. Special parties are also organized. The Sacred Heart Church in Connaught Place is famous for its midnight mass. With the chilly winter doing its bit, Christmas celebration in Delhi is simply worth experiencing.

10. Christmas in Manali

Christmas in Manali

Wish to enjoy the white Christmas in India? Well, it is only possible in Manali. You must head to Manali to celebrate Christmas in snow. Right from skiing to creating snowman, and playing games, the place allows you everything that goes into enjoying a perfect Christmas.

11. The Christmas Paradise – Bangalore

The Christmas Paradise – Bangalore

If you wish to see the real spirit of Christmas and unparalleled exuberance for the event in India, simply head to the garden city, Bangalore. This is the time when the entire city is decked up beautifully. Special deals and discounts are available in malls, restaurant, markets, and many more sites. In fact, special Christmas menus are available too! The St. Mary’s Basilica church, City Harvest AG Church, and Christian Fellowship Church are a few of many churches in Bangalore where you would love to attend the midnight mass.

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