10 Reasons to Visit the Exquisite Valley of Kashmir

The beauty of Kashmir cannot be expressed in words. It guarantees unforgettable and delightful holiday opportunities to tourists. The beauty of this valley is enchanted by mesmerising lakes, vast orchards, fresh water streams, magnanimous ice capped mountains, shikaras, and lush meadows.

If you have never been to this enchanting valley, here are 10 strong reasons to holiday in Kashmir:

1. A Vacation for All!

A Vacation for All in Kashmir

Kashmir has something for everyone. Right from winter sports for sport junkies, fabulous opportunities for adventure fanatics, soothing atmosphere for spirituals, and excellent sites for holiday revelers. The valley is all set to satisfy the appetite of all kinds of tourists.

2. Pahalgam Hotel

.  pahalgam hotel kashmir

A stay at the Pahalgam hotel is one of the most cherished part of a visit to Kashmir. The hotel promises the most spectacular and incredibly enchanting views of Kashmir streams and the mountains. It is a luxurious hotel all ready to pamper you with excellent range of services.

3. An All Time Vacation Destination

An All Time Vacation Destination kashmir

What’s the best time to visit Kashmir? Experts in the field of tour and travel such as www.tourdas.com will say, ‘Any time is the best time!’ Visit the valley in spring and you will be welcomed by enthusiastic chirping of birds, vast beautiful orchards laden with fresh fruits, alpine meadows, and much more. Summers have the freshest of fruits such as cherries, peaches, and apricots. Lush paddy fields on hills, trouts swimming in snow-fed streams, and snowcapped mountains make your visit in the season a memorable affair. Autumn has fallen leaves of chinar, beautiful flowers, shimmering mountains, and sparkling streams. Winters gift a beautiful white sheet of snow to the valley and an opportunity for visitors to feel the soft snowflakes.

4. Because it is the Paradise on Earth

it is the Paradise on Earth kashmir

Set on Indian map like a jewelled crown, Kashmir is the pride of India. The valley adorns different colours for different seasons. Exquisite all year round, the state is an amazing amalgamation of prominent Himalayan ranges, Pir Panjal, Great Himalayan Range etc. Rivers, valleys, orchards, snow capped mountains, lily laden lakes, shikaras, and waterfront gardens, make Kashmir a place worth paying a visit at least once in a lifetime.

5. The Shikara Ride

The Shikara Ride

This is one of the most beautiful part of being in Kashmir. The valley offers you a memorable ride in colourful houseboats named as Helen of Troy, Queen Elizabeth, Montana, The New Texas, White House, Royal Dandoo Palace etc. The interiors are luxurious. A ride on these beautifully built houseboats and you would take back memories to last for a life time. Interestingly, the houseboat and shikara communities have existed on Dal lake here for over centuries. Many have never stepped on the land! There are small shops floating on the lake constructed of wood run by tailors, doctors, bakers, vegetable sellers, flower sellers, and many more. The lotus gardens and vegetable gardens offer a unique scene.

A shikara ride is soul soothing. These are beautifully constructed long Gondola type boat suitable for light rowing. It is a 2 hour ride comprising of a soothing sightseeing trip of interior of the tranquil Dal Lake. You can also enjoy shopping and access to famous tourist spots such as the Nishat Garden, Shalimar Garden, Hazratbal mosque etc.

6. Taste of Mouthwatering Cuisines that Lingers On!

Love food? The valley will serve you with some of the most delectable varieties foodies would kill for. Wazwan is served here as a token of respect to guests. A multi-course meal archetypal of Kashmiri Muslim tradition is a must try for all. Preparation of this cuisine is deemed as an art one must master at. The world famous Kashmiri Kahwa tastes divine. Some of the other must try delicacies include Rogan Josh, Yakhni, Nadir Waangan, Tapak Mans, Matschgand, Qabargaah, Gushtaba, Syoon Pulao, Lyodoor Tschaman, Dum Oluv, Muj Gaad, Nadir Haaq, Modur Pulao, Raazma-Gogji, and many more.

7. Experience the Unprecedented Beauty of Gulmarg

 Experience the Unprecedented Beauty of Gulmarg

Emperor Jahangir and the British loved this place dearly.

“Agar Firdaws ba roy-i zamin ast, hamin ast-u hamin ast-u hamin ast,” Jehangir once said about Gulmarg which literally means, “If there is Paradise on earth, it is this, it is this, it is this.” It is said that the emperor fell in love with the beauty of Kashmir ever since he first set his feet here.

The British loved it too. Hence, you will be lucky to have a clear view of hard-to-discover cemetery of British. Some of these have green grass grown over. A golf club dating back to 1911 is also a major attraction. It was truly a paradise for most homesick Britishers. The place promised huge range of adventures and complete relaxation. Sir Francis Younghusband, the great adventurer and the British representative lived here and scripted a book known as ‘Kashmir in 1909′ covering exquisite illustrations of that era. The road from Gulmarg leading to Srinagar is beautifully dotted huge expanse of cherry and apple orchards, amazing chinars, and unique walnut trees.

8. Shopping Memories that Last for a Lifetime

Srinagar, the capital city of Kashmir is world renowned for plush intricately carved and made traditional handicrafts. From beautiful Jamewars to genuine leather items, shawls, beautifully woven blankets, saffron that you get nowhere else, and many more. Do visit the Sunday Market at Lal-Chowk. This is deemed as one of the best markets in Srinagar. This is the place where you can get premium quality goods at affordable prices. With specialty in leather goods, the market simply rocks.

9. Love for Adventure Sports

 Love for Adventure Sports in kashmir .

Your love for adventure sports certainly makes for a very strong reason to visit Kashmir. Adventure crazy travellers will experience the much desired adrenaline rush. The tour destination promises world class sports such as skiing, golfing, river rafting, and many more. No wonder beautiful land of Kashmir pulls many lakhs of tourists worldwide for its huge range of exciting adventure sports.

10. Kashmiri Hospitality will Overwhelm You

Kashmiri Hospitality

Towards the end, it is definitely the Kashmiri warmth and hospitality that will make your vacation in the exquisite valley memorable. Despite all of the trouble and problems faced, the people welcome everyone with open heart. Right from the man selling walnuts to one who offers you a ride in his shikara, the beautiful women, the CRPF jawans working day and night, and many who would want you to stop by at their homes. Yes, a lot of people here will insist. If you happen to people in the marketplace or roads, they will offer you a visit home. Kahwa (Kashmiri tea), biscuits, a meal will be ready to welcome you. Kashmiri cookies are delectable and digging your teeth in the Kashmiri rusk bakarkhani can be an amazing experience.

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